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Supposedly introductions are in order here, but unfortunately I never learned the proper etiquette for such occasions. I do wonder though, how the rest would fair when crossing such boundaries and cosmic distances. Humorous enough, those surrounding me now keep advising that I write some elaborate and vulnerable piece that the common visitor might find most accessible. They claim that in order to successfully integrate, I need to mold my ideas into easily baked and digestible treats. What do you think? Do you need an explicit explanation? Or an extensive autobiography as the means to spark your curiosity and further interest? I could explain my origins, my interests, my desires for the future, even just what you might find within this website; but no, I don't think so. If you do need any or all of those previously listed items, they CAN be found, you just may need to do more than simply stumble upon an 'about' page. If you thought it would be that easy, I ask you: how much fun would that be? In any case however, I do thank you for stopping by; it is nice to meet you. I'm Hermes...

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